St Peter's and St Mary of the Cross Mackillop Parish Epping/Epping North
Parish Priest:
Rev. Maurie Cooney
St Peter's 13 Davisson Street Epping 3076
9401 6300
9401 6350

Upcoming Events


ANOTHER great gathering of Parishioners last Thursday. The next ’Being Peter People’ will be on Thursday 21 May. Come again, and continue our reflection on ‘being people of faith’; if you weren’t at the first gathering, it will be easy to join in now. SEE YOU THERE!

Commemorative Pavers

This is the last call for Parishioners to reserve a paver. Your response over the past few weeks has been pleasing. All you have to do is to provide details on the clipboard available at each Mass this weekend. Further details (costs etc.) will be provided early in May.

Commemorative Book

Commemorative Book: Many thanks for all who have completed the Survey Form which will assist the Committee in compiling the Book. The Committee would also like any present or former Parishioners who have early family connections with St. Peter’s to contact Michael Butler on 9408 6184 or Joan Bahen on 9401 1387 with details for possible inclusion in the Book. Any early photos would also be appreciated. Additional Blue Survey Forms are available at each Mass this weekend and all are invited to complete details and forward to the Parish House by the end of April.

150 Anniversary OSHC Event

ST PETER’S PARISH EPPING Outside School Hours Care To assist with fundraising for the 150th year of St Peter’s Parish Epping, the children, families and educators of Outside School Hours Care [OSHC] will be hosting a Cake/Craft/Sausage Sizzle Stall on 3rd May 2015. The stall will be open after 9.00 am Mass until approximately 1.30 pm on this day. Please join us for a snack after Mass. All proceeds will be donated to St Peter’s Parish Epping. The stall is the result of the OSHC families’ generosity and donation of food stuffs, etc. Prior to 3rd May 2015, the children will assist with baking treats for sale each Thursday afternoon after school. Greeting Cards, homemade jams/spreads and crafts will also be available.

National Flags

We would like to invite family’s to email the Parish Office an image of your family’s National flag to be used as a part of St Peter’s 150th Anniversary celebrations
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3rd Sunday of Easter Yr B 19 April 2015
2nd Sunday of Easter 12 April 2015 Yr B