St Peter's and St Mary of the Cross Mackillop Parish Epping/Epping North
Parish Priest:
Rev. Maurie Cooney
St Peter's 13 Davisson Street Epping 3076
9401 6300
9401 6350

Upcoming Events

St Peter's Church 150th Celebrations

Many thanks to those Parishioners who by providing details last weekend offered their assistance to help the Committee plan the celebrations during November 2015. It is still not too late to join this Committee as there is a lot to be arranged. Should you wish to help, please provide your details on the clipboard in the foyer and a member of the Committee will contact you. THE PARISH NEEDS YOR HELP

SMCM New School Wing Blessing & Opening

WELCOME to Archbishop Hart to our 5.30pm Mass at St Mary of the Cross MacKillop for the Blessing and Opening of the new set of buildings for our School. While Martin and Maurie are in those celebrations, WELCOME to Fr Fayez Assaf [one of our Hospital chaplains] to our 7.15pm Mass.


Beginnings remind us that we are all magnificent possibilities in disguise. D.O’Leary You are invited to take part in a special treat in this 150th anniversary year of our St Peter’s Church. Come! Be involved in a programme on Catholic Spirituality. It will help us deepen our relationship with the Lord, and will provide a personal guide to prayer. Consider putting aside the evenings of the third Thursday of each month from March through to August, with a celebration in September.

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2nd Sunday of Lent Yr B 1 March 2015
1st Sunday of Lent Yr B 22 February 2015
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Yr B 15 February 2015